Patan Heritage Walk Digital Media is part of a "Tourism Business Orientation & Tour Guide Training Initiative to Vitalize Heritage Walk Tourism in Patan". This project was envisages to vitalize Patan Tourism by identifying the potential tangible and intangible heritages of Patan City and helping entrepreneurs of Patan to integrate the aforementioned heritages in different tourist centric services, where local tour guides (both virtual and real) play a key role in marketing these services.

The Patan Heritage Walk Digital Media provides the official tourist information of Patan which has been endorsed by the Lalitpur Metropolitan city and the locals of Patan. The media is available in the form of IOS App, Android and Information Kiosk. In this App, you will find tourist information which has been collected in every corner of Patan. It gives information about the temples, monasteries, architecture, arts, crafts and culture of Patan. The sources of information are locals and it tells stories about local customs, values, cultures and way of life.

With the help of this Mobile Apps, you can also book a local tour guide if you want to get the personalized information about Patan from a local. If you want to experience Patan on your own, the Mobile Apps would be a perfect partner for you.


  • Lalitpur Metropolitan City
  • Outlines Research & Development
  • The World Bank
  • Japan Social Development Fund
  • Youths of Patan
  • Patan Tourism